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In a society where the media has often encouraged a standard definition of beauty, we strive to redefine this concept. We encourage every client to let go of comparisons and embrace their unique differences. By accentuating your features, we aim to unleash an even greater level of natural confidence that enhances the way you interact with others, encourages you to embrace challenges, and pushes you to new levels of personal growth. At Tēo Aesthetics, we understand the transformative power of self-esteem and are dedicated to helping our clients unlock their radiance to welcome life’s limitless possibilities.

We take a holistic approach to aesthetic treatments, driven by a deep understanding of facial anatomy and the natural aging process. Our ultimate goal is not to change how you look, but to change how you feel. We embrace cosmetic treatments as an opportunity to help you feel like the best version of yourself, so you can direct your energy towards living your most vibrant and aligned life.


Botox, Dysport, Daxxify and Xeomin work by temporarily blocking nerve signals in the muscles, leading to a reduction in muscle activity and thus smoothing out wrinkles…

Facial Fillers at Tēo Aesthetics in Denver, CO, offer a non-surgical solution to enhance your natural beauty by smoothing wrinkles, plumping up the skin, and restoring…

Sculptra is an injectable treatment made of PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid) designed to stimulate collagen production, effectively adding volume and enhancing skin quality…

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